Environmentalist Has Been Cleaning River Bank For 10Years

Meet Enviromentalist who Has Been Been Cleaning River Kaduna In The Past 10Yrs

A Nigerian volunteer environmentalist who has been cleaning the banks of River Kaduna from trash and garbage to save aquatics from extinctions.

Jibril Suleiman, who is the National President of a Non- Governmental Organization (NGO) known as the Kaduna Metro Environment and A. initiative) comrade Jibril Suleman has for the past 10 years going to kaduna river bank,dams,water reservois and other streams , with the aims of collecting ,gathering ,hand picking of plastic with the sole purpose of cleaning -up trash and other garbage ,so as to save all the aquatic animals and other species against going extinctions. According to him, there are many endangered species in the river as a result of human irrational activities of dumping all kind of trash, garbage ,dangerous chemical substance into the river which are very harmful to the existence to the aquatic mamals. Marine mammals, of course, don’t understand the dangers plastics pose to them. This problem was created by humans, and only humans can fix it He said, for 10 years, he has been visiting many river banks that are closer to communities ,while raising more awareness to the general public on the dangers associated with dumping all sort of trash and garbage into the river,ocean. There is poor awareness to the general public on harmful implication of suffocating marine marine . Many marine mamals has gone extinction in Nigeria such as crocodies, turtles, varieties of fish species,,craps, etc

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