Addiction To Drugs Fueling Insecurity In Our Area, Says Gbagyi Chief

Addiction To Drugs Fueling Insecurity In Our Domain, Gbagyi Chief

Insecurity Will Affect Next Planting Season

By Ben Auta

The high rate of intake of illicit drugs especially by youths in Chikun Local Government and Kaduna State is the major problem causing insecurity which has affected the socioeconomic aspects of life says the Sarkin Rido Gbagyi, Mr Joel B. Adamu.

Mr Adamu spoke during a high powered meeting organized by women from various parts of his  on the problems militating against the people of the area today at his palace.

The meeting which was co-organized by the Interfaith Mediation Center (IMC) had women and young girls from Mararaban Rido, Kankomi, Rido Hausa and a host of other settlements.

Mr Adamu added that ” unless the government address the issue by properly regulating patent medical stores in the area and illicit gin joint popularity known as Ogogogoro joint, the matter will persist.”

” How can an able bodied young man who has no means of feeding himself be seen as early as 5am drinking. The problem has also been inherited by women because you will see our young girls also doing same,” he added.

Giving an overview of event, Mr Samson Auta of the IMC said that government will not be able to cater for the teeming populace as there is a need for other well meaning Nigerians, corporate organizations and international bodies to help in provision of some basic facilities.

He said that the IMC will look into the matter women and youth engagement so that  soft loans and grants can be given to participants as well as training them on basic skills.

On the issue of drug addiction, Mr Samson Auta said that there is a need for the people to sensitize both the sellers and buyers in order to achieve maximum impact.

Some views of  participants

Faith Elisha who is a refugee from Talele village called on the Federal, State and Local Government to address the the issues of insecurity as they have been disconnected from their livelihood and have no means of fending for themselves.

She added that they have left their farms and livelihood back in their villages with no prospect of going back.

Another participant, malama Hajara from Rido Hausa called on well meaning organizations to help in providing soft loans and grants so that they can engage in business activities.

While Esther Joshua, decried the lack of jobs for youths which has increase the rate of insecurity in the area.

She said that most of.the youths have not been employment as they resort to a life of crime for them to make ends meet.

Also speaking, Mary Haruna from Ung/ Sarki said that the unity of purpose as well as love for one another devoid of any ethno religious is the only panacea for all of them to achieve lasting peace.

The meeting organized by the women was borne out of the necessity for women and girl will make positive impact in the fight against bribery and corruption as well as improving their well being.

An earlier training sponsored by Mambayya House of the Bayero University Kano (BUK) and sponsored by the MacArthur Foundation in conjunction with the IMC.

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