Insecurity: What mercenaries Is Governor El-Rufai Inviting?

What Mercenaries is Governor Elrufai Inviting?

The attention of CAN Kaduna State has been drawn to newspapers stories making rounds that Governor, Mallam Nasir Elrufai, threatens to deploy foreign mercenaries should the federal government fails to combat bandits, and end terrorism.

While CAN agrees that terrorists have had a field day, CAN reckon that if any other Nigerian had made or muted such an idea in public space, such would have been accused or arrested by the government for undermining the security agencies and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Accordingly, CAN doubts if any section of the Nigerian Constitution allows any officeholder, apart from the C in C, to invite a foreign combatant into the country. Moreover, it was a similar strategy that Elrufai employed years back when he claimed to have compensated some herdsmen, which led to the escalation of the security situation, particularly in Kaduna state.

For CAN, the approach to give gunmen money so that they would stop attacking the populace has backfired and Kaduna state is paying dearly for such a miscalculation at present.

The federal government should, therefore, call Elrufai to order before his excesses lead Nigeria to a bigger problem especially since the general elections are around the corner.

CAN acknowledge that what Nigeria needs currently is a sincerity of purpose from all stakeholders and the citizenry towards finding lasting solutions, not subjective statements that could further heighten the presence of bandits in Nigeria.

CAN will continue to pray and urge citizens to be on the watch against any erroneous direction that could do this country no good but harm.

Rev John Joseph Hayab
Chairman CAN Kaduna State

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