The Missing Value


I carried out a social experiment today.

I was walking along the pedestrian sidewalk in Utako Abuja when some cars (in a bid to avoid traffic) turned on the site walk, driving towards me.

Everybody gave way to the vehicles.

I didn’t.

The driver almost hit me.

I stood my ground…

He honked.

“Oga, commot for road!”

No, sir.

This is the pedestrian walk way.

You should go back to the road.

“Are you blind? You no see traffic?”

I see it sir, but that doesn’t give you the right to drive on the pedestrian sidewalk, sir.

A man & a woman came down…

The woman said, “Respect yourself ooo! If not for the white hair I see, I for deal with you!”

But ma’am, your driver is in the wrong.

Your anger should be directed at him, ma’am.

After a while, about 30 people gathered.

They all saw me as an irritant old man causing trouble…

People in the vehicles in the hold up also joined in verbally:

“Baba! Why are you embarrassing yourself in public? Don’t you have shame?”

(I actually don’t have shame)

It’s not about ME, guys. It’s about this driver driving on the pedestrian sidewalk!

The mob came for me…

I was pushed around, someone slapped me, I saw anger & bile in the eyes of the mob.

I tried to EXPLAIN to them why I’m actually NOT wrong in this incident, the driver on the pedestrian sidewalk is the offender here.

They wouldn’t have any of that!

They pushed me out of the way…

The driver drove off.

The people stood there, jeering at me.

I stood there, taking it all in: I wanted them to have their fill.

To them, they have just carried out justice!

Silly, frustrated old man!

Now, these are the average Nigerian masses.

They are angry at the Government…

They are angry at the Police.

They are angry at everything.

They are the “EndSARS” people.

They are the “Buhari Must Go” crew.

They are the “What is Osinbajo doing” mob.

The are the “Naira is Useless” folks.

But they don’t see the irony in their action against me…

They are usually united against oppression.

But they identified with the driver breaking the law, against me trying to uphold it.

Truth be told, the problem with Nigeria is not the Government.

The problem with Nigeria is not the Police.

The problem with Nigeria is Nigerians…

It’s interesting to note the average Nigerian talks about how those in the corridors of power oppress the people.

He talks about how those in government are fantastically corrupt.

But if he ever gets the opportunity to be in power, he’ll do the exact thing he condemns!

All through the 20 minutes of the Utako incident with the driver, not ONE person saw things my way.

Not ONE person was enlightened enough to understand the pedestrian sidewalk is for PEDESTRIANS.

Until we understand these simple lessons in civics, we won’t go far as a Nation…

It matters not who is in Government: APC, PDP, Buhari, Atiku, Obi, Tinubu or whoever.

The summation of Nigeria as a nation is not necessarily the Government: it’s the PEOPLE.

And my social experiment today showed the people are just a wild bunch of crude, uncouth & uncivil mob.

By Harry Daniyan on Twitter.

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