2023: Collect Their Money, Vote Your Conscience, Obi Tells Kaduna PDP Delegates

2023: Collect Their Money, Vote Your Conscience, Obi Tells Kaduna PDP Delegates

By Ben Auta

Former Governor of Anambra State and Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential hope Mr Peter Obi, has called on delegates in Kaduna State vote their conscience rather than mortgaging the future of their children.

He made the call at the PDP Secretariat today as he came to canvas for the votes of delegates in the forthcoming convention of the party to chose the party’s flag bearer in the 2023 Presidential election.

“If they give you money, collect it because it may be your money. But when you’re to vote, look at the picture of your children and use your conscience before you mortgage your future and theirs,” he said.

Mr Obi said that ” today in Nigeria, all you hear is bad news. Nigerians are hungry and coming to Kaduna State is one of the most difficult things to happen to me,” he added.

While decrying the collapse of the economy and security sectors in the country, Mr Obi the country may soon take revenge on the children and grandchildren of the elites.

Former Deputy Governor of Kaduna State, Mr Nuhu Bajoga while responding on behalf of the PDP elders said that Kaduna state PDP delegates vote in bulk which is due to the instruction of their leaders.

He wished Mr Obi well as he urged him to be rest assured about the delegates support in Kaduna State.

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