Ahead of the 2023 general election and the strong desire by many patriotic and peace loving Nigerians, particularly in the northern part of the country have embraced and celebrated the recent emergence of the New Nigeria Peoples Party(NNPP) not just as an alternative political platform but rather a more credible political platform where,internal democracy, equity and Social justice will thrive considering the political Sagacity and tenacity of its founding father Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

These political traits are the true political indicators that compelled many young vibrant Nigerians from across ethnic and religious divide to pitch tent with the August political movement for the emancipation of the masses and the total transformation of the Nigeria.

This singular belief endeared the NNPP to many sections of Kaduna state, especially southern Kaduna where the only female aspirant for the position of senator surfaced.

Mrs Tinok Andrew Nok, a classified young and intelligent daughter of southern Kaduna and a younger sister to the late Professor Andrew Nok shared the firm political ideology of The Kwankwasiya movement and decided to join the political race for the Senate

However, her dream of representing her people at the Red chambers of the National Assembly was thwarted NOT by her people at the poll but by the very political party(NNPP) she had worked assiduously towards propelling and projecting in southern Kaduna and indeed Kaduna state.

Ordinarily, political watchers and pundits expected a level playing ground for the only young and vibrant woman to at least participate at the party’s primary election but alas that never happened.

After expending her hard earned resources towards projecting the NNPP in southern Kaduna, she was at the last minutes shortchanged and denied even the privilege and the first political opportunity of contesting a free and fair primary election.

This left less to be desired of the party in Southern Kaduna and indeed Kaduna state if truly the political crusade of the kwankwasiya is to make any impact.

Mrs Tinok Andrew Nok was dramatically changed and replaced by a political ally of the state gubernatorial candidate for selfish reasons.

To this end,it has become imperative for Engr Dr,Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso to intervene with a view to salvaging the NNPP in Kaduna state for electoral victory come 2023.

Meanwhile, the young unassuming woman has refused to react or joined issues with anybody, pointing out always that she has great respect for party leadership hence, she will abide by the party decision.

In the final analysis, there is need for the NNPP as a new political platform for the poor and vulnerable Nigerians to reconsider her position and graciously give the party senatorial ticket to the ONLY female aspirant in southern Kaduna and indeed Kaduna state,Mrs Tinok Andrew Nok.

By Gambo Santos Sanga
He can be reached on gambosantos6@gmail.com

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