World Albinism Day: Albinos Call For Protection Against Climate Change, Discrimination

World Albinism day 2022 ; Association calls for more protection against climate change, ecological challenges, ritualist, poverty, & intimidation,skin cancer affecting children living with albinism

As the world celebrate international Albinism awareness day 2022,, the kaduna state chapter of the Albinism association of Nigeria under the leadership comrade Abubakar Adam has called on collaborative effort with all stake holders ,child-right NGOs, CSO, Religious leaders, Monarch , Federation association of women lawyers, states and federal government to redouble effort toward making live better for women and childrens living with albinism across the 36 states of Nigeria .

Adding that Climate change ,environmental degredation,ecological challenges ,increase heat temperature ,high cost of skin maintenance ,ritualist attacks, increase unemployment ,are among the most leading factors affecting million lives of people living with albinism world wide.

Pointing clearly that , It is on record ,The International Albinism Awareness Day (IAAD), annually observed on June 13, represents the importance and celebration of human rights of people with albinism.

It’s a day to bring the issue of ALBINISM and it’s devastating effect on humanity. Adding that Persons with Albinism most especially in Africa are living a life of fear of ritual killing, intimidation from the society, stigmatization, poverty, unemployment, and the direct effect of sun on their skin which leads to skin cancer.

According to him , Albinism is a non-contagious, genetically inherited ailment that results in the lack of melanin in the skin, eyes, and hair. Due to this, people with albinism are prone to many issues both social and biological. People subject to this drastic difference in pigmentation are prone to skin cancer. Due to the lack of melanin in the eyes, many people often have a permanent visual impairment.

This year’s theme is, United in making our voice heard. Persons with Albinism all over the world, use this day to cry out to the whole world to join voice with them so that their issues can be discussed in all section of life for possible help and solutions.

The state chairman pointed that apart from these list of factors affecting people living with albinism ,there is also another thing of concerned which is the “ LOW VISION and SKIN CANCER”

Stressing that, As Nigerians celebrate democracy day ,there is also the need for Authorities, and wealthy individuals in conjunction with corporate organization to support toward raising more awareness on various ways to better lives of person living with albinism to the general public.

“we call on scientists,climatologist,Geologist,Volunteer environmentalist, multi national companies, international NGO, the press and well to do individuals to come to our aid for possible help and save our lives to make us live happily as other human beings.

In addition to this, a substantial degree of discrimination is also associated with this condition. Because of the lack of understanding of this condition, people with albinism have to suffer a great deal socially and face not one but multiple forms of discrimination, including that on the grounds of disability.

Persons with Albinism are part of the disability community due to the effect of low vision and skin cancer. You can’t find persons with Albinism in the military, as pilots, police, para military, taxi drivers, okada riders e t c.

To maintain the skin of a person with Albinism, is a project on its own so how can the indigent afford?

We sincerely appreciate the effort of the press but still ask for more. As I do say that you will not know what persons with Albinism are going through until you have one either as a friend, brother, sister, father, mother, son, daughter even as colleague.

The effect of Albinism in them created low estheem in them. Even if they are dying, they prefer to remain silent. Today, the world call on everyone to come to their aid

The establishment of the International Albinism Awareness Day was laid down by the United Nations General Assembly on December 18, 2014. It was decided that June 13 will be observed as the IAAD and the first observance was done in 2015.

Similarly, The national president foundation for the protection of women and children in Nigeria Hajiya Ramatu tijjani has called on massive awareness through The media on ways to reduce the daily challenges persons with albinism faces

According to her, The establishment of the International Albinism Awareness Day was laid down by the United Nations General Assembly on December 18, 2014. It was decided that June 13 will be observed as the IAAD and the first observance was done in 2015.

Furthermore,she said, The United Nations Human Rights Council adopted this resolution and put its firm foot down for the prevention of attacks and discrimination against people with albinism. This day is mandated to remind people of the perils of the past and the path to the future in the case of albinism and the people living with it.

“we must join hands to reduce stigmatizing person with albinism”

“we must called on necessary stake holders to sustained the campaigns which is toward making lives betters for women and childreens living with albinism”

She then urged government to be supporting parents with childrens living with albinism especially those residing in the rural areas

While calling on media to always create a montly programed which is targeted toward educating the general pubic on dangers of stigmatizing in the society

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