KASU Chapel Demolition : Council Members Call For Calm Pending KDSG Decision


The Management Committee of Kaduna State University noted the recent demolition of the suspended temporary construction of the Christian Chapel by KASUPDA on Monday 6th June, 2022 and wishes to clarify as follows:
1) That the Governing Council of Kaduna State University in April, 2014 approved and directed the Management to allocate a space within the University for the christian worship centre;
2) That in compliance with the Council’s directive, Management allocated a site for the construction of the worship centre which was later allocated to private hostel developers;
3) That the current site under dispute was temporarily allocated by the Management for the Christian worship centre as alternative to the earlier allocation.
4) That the disputed site is currently under foundational stage construction.
5) That Management had earlier issued out a directive for the stoppage of any construction works on the temporary christian worship centre in 2021 following a controversy surrounding the site pending Government’s intervention.
Meanwhile, the Council and Government have been called upon to intervene. All submissions have been made through the Ministry of Education and other relevant authorities on the Master Plan for the main campus indicating places of worship.
Members of the Christian community and the general public are hereby called upon to maintain calm pending the decision of Government, Governing Council and Management.

Adamu Nuhu Bargo
13th June, 2022

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