Ekweremadu : Upon Is Lying About Being 15 Years Old

Ekweremadu: Ukpo is Lying About Being 15 years Old

By Farooq Kperogi

David Ukpo, who initially agreed to donate his kidney to give Ike Ekweremadu’s daughter’s sick daughter, Sonia, a chance to live isn’t the 15-year-old kid he told British authorities he is.

He was born Oct. 12, 2000. That means he’ll be 22 years old in October this year, as his passport and BVN data show. (It’s been doing the social media round, but I’ve decided to conceal his passport number and BVN).

He was also not smuggled into London, as Ekweremadu’s December 28, 2021 visa application support letter to the British High Commission shows.

I dislike Ekweremadu the politician but empathize with Ekweremadu the father. As the father of three girls myself, I’ll do anything I can to save my daughters from death. That’s all this is about. Nothing more.

So far, the evidence seems to be pointing in the direction of the possibility that 21-year-old Ukpo, upon arriving in the UK after agreeing to donate his kidney to Sonia, changed his mind and decided to seek asylum by claiming to be a 15-year-old child who’s trafficked to London for organ harvesting.

If that turns out to be true, that would be a horrible way to escape Buhari’s Nigeria. Cashing in on another person’s personal tragedy–and destroying them in the process– to pursue your dream to leave Nigeria is singularly evil.

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