Hon Jonathan Asake As PDP Political Scarecrow


Gora Albehu Dauda

As a political player and commentator, I have written a number of short essays on the subject of politics and how it is being played in in Southern Kaduna. The first essay I wrote on this subject was titled “ The Pitfalls of Politics and Politicking in Southern.Kaduna “. In-there, I wrote essentially on the lack of political investment as a major plank of my argument. Without major investment in the politics of an area, those labouring on that political terrain do labour in vain.. My people are scared stiff of investing both their time and resources in politics yet, they expect to reap a bounty from it. That will amount to simply a wild goose chase. The fear of not investing in politics cannot be linked to lack of resources but rather the lack of goodwill. It is pedestrian knowledge that you cannot reap where you neither ploughed nor sowed.

The most coveted price for the Southern Kaduna nation is getting one of ours to be governor of the State. It happened once but only by accident just as it vanished again by or through an accident. It does not make sense having to tell that sad story over again. Only those with gusts can stoop to conquer and here, we have a deficit. Whilst serious contenders elsewhere draw up their strategic plans early enough which could take a number of years to execute, our people simply will wake up after perhaps terrible dreams to throw themselves into an otherwise serious contest without prior, proper, preparation and planning which if well executed could lead to success. Do these characters need to be collected into a lecture theater.once more to take Politics IO1 all over again? No political victory comes cheap except if such victory accrues through fraudulent means, but.even.so, you need to plough in effort and resources.

In the current political setup, my people in spite of having played opposition politics for almost 8 years now, have it appears not learned any lessons from such a political battlefield. When PDP was crawling or groveling on the floor in opposition, my people held on to that political dinosaur as if it was synonymous with Christianity. Even in Christianity, one is at liberty to exit when such desires but my people have made Islam of their blind and slavish following of the PDP. Is it anybody’s fault that Southern Kaduna has had nothing to show for playing opposition politics all along for all the while? Is it not the political party that makes the kill that shares the meat any which way she so desire? Our people have been in this mess because some selfish political players have consistently.kept them in that condition for their own.nartow self interest. There is specifically the bunch calling themselves PDP stakeholders who are not ready to think out of the box and therefore continue to dance their obviously selfish dance in one position
To the extent there is bread or the crumbs on their tables, all is well and to hell with the voting masses. Mainstream politics is where a kill is most likely to be made but do we have someone who can dare the odds?

I do not subscribe to our people being corralled into any political enclosure much in the manner of cows. No, our people are smarter than that. Anybody and here, I am referencing our politicians should never even attempt to embark on such a venture because it will be doomed to failure. Those who are into the evil scheme to dupe our people should have a rethink. The electorate of Southern Kaduna must know too that those selfish.and self centered politicians do not love them but their selfish selves. Because PDP it appears is slowly showing signs of recovery from the affliction of the political stroke suffered in 2015, some of the political dinosaurs from Southern Kaduna are already celebrating a victoty that is way far off. They are therefore scared stiff upon hearing the information that one of our own is contesting on the.ticket of a different political party. They see such as spoilers and have resorted to name calling. The Fulani terrorists are now changing their strategic thinking and going after the leadership of the Church of God by taking our priests and other as hostages who even if the ransome was paid the Fulani will still put them to the sword. What is happening to the church and our.pdlple in a general sense does not appear to interest these power seekers. They cannot afford a voice in protestation as this will put them at odds with their principals on the opposite side. To hell with those political cowards who are so scared of competition. Is it not true that veriety spices life? The election is still a good 7 months away and without claiming the gift of clairvoyance, anything can happen between now and then. In the circumstance therefore, we must all be prepared for the inevitable as such is the nature of business on the political battlefield.

The Social Media space has bee inundated by the news that a certain Hon.Jonathan.Asake is throwing himself up to contest for the governorship of Kaduna State and the rumour is causing trepidation all other in the minds of some PDP stalwarts. Why should Hon Asake not contest if he thinks he stands a chance? It is so tragic that whilst ours is throwing himself into a contest of this magnitude that is assuming it is true, should it not be a source of joy to our people? On the ticket of their.darling PDP is someone from the other side of town who is, .in the least qualified for such high office because of obvious deficits in his character yet our own people are apprehensive that own is just playing a spoiler. For a truth, if all the sons and daughters of Southern Kaduna who have thrown themselves into the contest were to be weighed against the PDP candidate from the other side of town, all of them will beat him hands down. Why are our people this cheap? If it is true that a delegation of expired former Commissioners and others was hurridly despatched to talk Asske into dropping his ambition is true, I without equivocating say SHAME to members of the team who where despatched on that mission. Their only argument is that the votes of Southern Kaduna will be scattered thereby undermining the chances of the cheap appointments their half blind eyes are transfixed on They, in the PDP must be prepared to earn.every vote because our people in the past were simply duped. This will not repeat itself in 2023. The main problem our people have is that they are in spite of their superior qualifications always prepared to accept far less than they actually.deserve. I cannot even begin to imagine what will happen in the event their darling PDP fails to form the government in 2023

If Yours Sincerely knew this very courageous Hon Jonathan Asake very closely, I would have rushed to congratulate him.for his vision.and tenacity of purpose. I have had the opportunity of listening to him.speak on Radio and Television on the plight of the Southern Kaduna nation in the light of what the Fulani terrorists have been and continue to do to our hapless people on television and radio and he was simply a delight to listen to. I was and still. so proud that we have such a individual coming out from Southern Kaduna. How many from the now grumbling lot can match.Asake’s courage? The slave trade ended many years ago but a few of even our eliths are yet to purge themselves of the slave mentality. This brings me to remembering the late Afrobeat Maestro Fela Kuti.who in that epic song Oolo Mentality spoke of Nigerians having since been freed from colonialism but still living in their own chains. One form of slavery is as.bad as another. The Oyinbo colonialism has ended but we are and have been effectively.under a Fulani.imposed internal.colonisl.system. Whoever is scared of competing along with his brothers and sisters in the politics of Nigeria and indeed that of Kaduna State should raise the flag of surrender but as the German/American Historical Anthropologist surmised ” Whoever overcomes is devine, some see their ruin before their own eyes but the go into it anyway “. Will you call such as victims of fate or of their own blindness or stupidity? To God Be The Glory

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