Sir, the body of Christ in Nigeria have suffered so much misdirection and ridicule in the hand of Pastors that should be giving the church direction.
I know that some young ministers and believers may have you as their role model, that is why I am urging you to try to be consistent, so that you don’t add more confusion to a church that is already at a crossroad.
You announced on public television that God told you that you will succeed Buhari as the next president of Nigeria. You bought APC presidential nomination form for whooping one hundred million Naira. Let’s not talk about the morality of it because it will open up a can of worms.
Despite your claiming that God told you to become next president of Nigeria, you scored zero vote during APC presidential primaries. I wonder how heaven will be seeing you now because we know that God confirms whatever he says.
Now that you scored zero vote and should be in the hiding asking God to forgive you for telling lies in his name, you have spoken today to endorse Muslim-Muslim ticket by saying  that Christians should not be bothered about Muslim-muslim ticket in APC but should focus on good governance.
Now that the church and church leaders should be speaking in one voice because of the evident plot by the enemies of Jesus Christ to desimate the church, you are singing a discordant tune.
Sir, should we keep trusting you? Why have you suddenly began to pamper something condemnable? Is it a fulfilment of the end time Prophecy about false prophets manifesting as angel of light?
I wonder how your followers and church members see you now. Did God change his mind from making you the president? Is the Muslim-muslim ticket offering you a juicy appointment that you are now endorsing it?
Young preachers and the body of Christ remember, “By their fruit you shall know them” please, look not onto any man, but onto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. Please don’t insult him after reading this letter, instead pray for him.
From: Comr nwachukwu Dandy chukwu.

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