in its bid to sensitize the people of Kaduna State of its programs of intervention in the area of nutrition, the Department of Direct Aid Coordination (DAC)  of Kaduna State Planning and Budget  Commission (PBC)  organized a one day media parley to update the media on development. 
Speaking in an address at the commencement of the engagement,  Mrs Linda Yakubu,  the Director,  DAC at the PBC,  said that the essence of parley was to use the media maximally in disseminating information about the effort of the State government and development partners on nutrition intervention in the state. 
She said that “we want you to help in amplifying  the project in the area of nutrition. “
She said that the objective is to highlight the contribution of stakeholders  around nutrition.
In a brief overview of their engagement,  the UNICEF nutrition specialist,  Chinwe Ezeife, said that they have been working with the state government towards improving the health and nutrition of vulnerable group not just in Kaduna state but Nigeria in general. 
“We are providing funding and technical support for the government.  We are supporting everything nutrition in its entirety to avoid malnutrition,” she said. 
She also encouraged women to embrace breastfeeding as she said that they have established IYCF in all the local governments in the state. 
The representative of Alive and Thrive,  Sarah Kwasu, in her overview said that they have partnered with the media in the area of maternal healthcare by accelerating access to nutrition for vulnerable group. 
“We have also worked with the State government to achieve six(6) months maternity leave for women working in the state.”
Sarah said that they have sensitized 60 medical facilities in conjunction with NAFDAC  while 16 communities were provided with iycf In 16 local governments in the state. 
On his part,  the Coordinator of  KADENAP,  Umar Usman,  said over 1 billion Naira had been spent by the state government for provision of ready to use nutrition supplements in conjunction with UNICEF and other partners. 
He added that the organization also engaged Community Volunteers (1,500) to identify households with children with the problems of malnutrition in the state. 
He also added that over 82,000 children were treated with acute malnutrition just as  over 500,000 people met with nutrition messages in the state. 
On her part,  the Senior System Specialist of ARIN, Haj Hauwa Usman said that they have already used all forms of media in the work disseminating the message of nutrition and breastfeeding in the state. 
She added that they have been using ready to use therapeutic food for malnourished women,  young mothers and children. 
There was a presentations  on the role of nutrition as well as nutrition activities in the state while relevant questions were answered by officials of the DAC. 

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