2023: Kaduna PDP Gubernatorial Candidate Unveils 5 Points Action Plan

How do you intend to revive the textile industry when elected as Kaduna State Governor?

Answer : Kaduna was known for textile industry since the Saurdaunas, some of the conditions which need to be met were there yet but are no more now, apart from land, there is power and raw materials while security is very paramount for every industry to be sited, all these are no more, like I have been saying, we have been making deliberate effort to transfer the 30 megawatts that will soon start generation from gurara waterfall kudendan industrial area in Kaduna, 20 megawatts will go to Kaduna while the remaining 10 megawatts, will go to the southern part of Kaduna, The 20 megawatts transmission line is almost completed, and is the one that will transmit power from gurara to kudenden industrial area.

The second alternative that is readily available is the issue of transporting gas from portharcourt to the pobines that are under construction and are almost completed, that is the only area one will get power on ground and that will gurantee that people will come back to invest because Kaduna is haven for all in Nigeria and is a peaceful place and we will make sure that peace is sustained to guarantee the return of textile industry in Kaduna.

The other area is the supply of raw material which is cotton, we have cotton in Gusau, Funtua with generous functioning, we have to transport this thread to either Bagauda textile in Kano that they cannot even down to lagos to make sure that they get market for this thread, assuming that these textiles are embarked, we will not have any problem, but I want to assure you that we will do anything that is humanly possible to make sure that within the next one year in office, the 20 megawatts will be transported from gurara to kudendan area is completed and we will push harder to make sure that we bring back industries to , we have that in mind and we will ensure that we do it by the grace of God.

How do you intend to service the loan in Kaduna State?

The total debt as at June 2022 stands at 574 million dollars which is about 361 billion foreign because we have the local is good to get the two clearly , I want to assure you that we will liaise with the creditors to see possible ways of rescheduling these debts because government must function, one cannot seat and think money will come from heaven that is not possible and I want to agree with those who say Kaduna is the second in terms of indebtedness, it is rather the first, Lagos has all that it takes to repay it’s loan within the given time because when you see the structure of their loan, you will know that you are dealing with serious business people, we will do our best and we will look at other areas of partnering with other agencies so we can get grants, because we have grants all over depending on your reach out just to bring succour to our people,

Committee will be set to review the education system, people cannot afford it and education must be given to them because it is a social responsibility and we are duty bound to give people what is due to them, no one is doing them any favour.

It is not possible to tax and over tax people, that is not fair to them, we will use what we have judiciously and make sure that we block all leakages even though we are human, we might not see some, but we will try our best

Kaduna has more than 14 natural resources, nickel which is the best natural resource found in the world is also found in some part of Kaduna, it is used to produce battery cells the one used in the car, but unfortunately it is there lying untapped and we have investors because three people approached me in Abuja, but I told them to wait when we reach there.

We have been compelled by the PDP constitution to go 35% on women inclusion


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