SOKAPU Congratulate All Guber Aspirants Of Various Political Parties. kA


The Political Committee of the Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) hereby congratulates all governorship candidates of various political parties who were elected as standard flag bearers of their various platforms. While we are glad that the events leading to their emergence as candidates was successfully carried out devoid of any form of violence, we look forward to meeting them soon for fruitful deliberations on how we can build bridges in uniting our dear state for development.

SOKAPU notes that there has been no better time than now for all parties and both zones to work towards enthroning inclusiveness across the various parts of Kaduna State. In spite of the tension and animosity prevalent along ethno-religious divides, the Southern Kaduna people are committed to the welfare and security of all citizens of the state.

In this regard, the attention of SOKAPU has been drawn to subtle threats mounted on governorship candidates to appoint their running mates without regard to the ethno-religious divide in the state. Video clip of a certain preacher warning against the consideration of ethno-religious option has made the rounds on social media platforms, warning that any attempt to review Governor Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai’s imposition of Muslim-Muslim governorship ticket for Kaduna State would be stoutly resisted.

Southern Kaduna wishes to categorically put all parties on notice that any effort by any political party to unilaterally impose the choice of a deputy governorship candidate without recourse to our socio-cultural and ethno-religious composition will forfeit the support of Southern Kaduna. SOKAPU believes in the principle of power-sharing between the North and South of the State as was in practice between 1999 and 2015, whereby the citizens of Kaduna State witnessed how this equitable power sharing formula was deployed to give every zone a sense of belonging. We look forward to the resumption of such power-sharing principles which went a long way in deepening our democratic experience.

While the Southern Kaduna people are apprehensive at the inequitable distribution of democratic dividends in the State as it affects their zone, the near complete neglect of our communities in infrastructural development has stalled major development in Southern Kaduna. SOKAPU will never support any governorship candidate or party that attempts to continue with the unequal distribution of political appointments as is being witnessed under the present dispensation.

We believe that permanent interests of the Southern Kaduna people are predicated on justice and equal treatment for all zones. Equality remains sacrosanct as a new basis for ensuring that all communities in Kaduna State are carried along. Political parties/candidates who seek the support of our people should be ready to align with the ultimate objective of ensuring equality and development for all, irrespective of socio-cultural and ethno-religious divides. We are committed to supporting governorship candidates that believe in the engagement of youths for skill acquisition for individual and community growth.

In the months ahead, SOKAPU, through this committee, shall be engaged in intense activities with all governorship candidates and relevant critical stakeholders with a view to identifying the best candidates in not only advancing the security and development of Southern Kaduna, but the overall interest of the State




Tuesday June 7, 2022

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