Asake 2023: Before Ashiru’s New Breed of e-Rats Befog Our Dignity

“Mental slavery is the worst form of slavery…It gives you the illusion of freedom, makes you trust, love & defend your oppressor while making an enemy of those trying to free you or wake you up.” Segun Awosanya 2018

Since Hon. Jonathan Asake, the outgoing President of Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) was seen in a picture posted online posing with an official of the Labour Party (LP) displaying the Kaduna State gubernatorial nomination form of the party in Abuja last week, the blood pressure of top guns of the PDP in Kaduna state, and indeed at the Federal level is fast rising to stroke levels.

Morbid Fear of Asake

But, while the Kaduna state bigwigs from the northern side of the state are nursing their hypertension silently and feigning calmness, the PDP in Southern Kaduna has erupted in a volcanic display of uncontrolled panic and blind hate towards Asake, except from a few smart ones.

It’s not just the PDP fat cats of Southern Kaduna and their few lower bands, some comrades in the struggle have suddenly become dagger drawn and are ready to draw blood in fitful rage over what many conspiracy ideas on how Asake is going to divide Southern Kaduna votes and gives APC a winning edge. Whether their actions are from emotion or rationality will be addressed soon in this submission.

Asake covered by law to contest

But it suffices to say that there is no law in Nigeria that says that as the President of SOKAPU, he cannot contest elections under any political party. What the constitution of SOKAPU entails for him is to resign his position as the President of the powerful union as no card-carrying member of a political party is allowed to be an official of SOKAPU. And from all accounts, Asake has finished putting his books together and may have already put in his resignation to the Board of Trustee (BoT) of SOKAPU after his courageous and purpose driven leadership of the union. No doubt, it is because of his excellent outing as the SOKAPU president that the LP, critical stakeholders and leaders of thought both in and outside Kaduna state zeroed on him, even as he was very unwilling from the beginning.

New breed of ferocious e-rats.

Now that Asake has thrown in his hat into the ring, there are all kinds of agitations from some of his own people to frustrate him out.

And the most curious aspect of this, is the emergence of a new breed of fanatical e-rats who can uproots anything and destroy anyone on the path of Ashiru’s ascension to the throne at Sir Kashim Ibrahim House – with what? – essentially the block votes of the 12 LGAs of Southern Kaduna.

Though these new breeds of e-rats are socially, politically and educational advanced over the contemptuous el-Rufai’s e-rats, Ashiru’s e-rats, sadly, carry the same tale tell stench of dishonor and shamelessness that must not be ascribed to any respectful son and daughter of Southern Kaduna origin.

Geoffrey Gaiya as billboard face of Ashiru’s must committed slave.

Curiously, as at now, top on the list of these new breeds of political e-rats is Hon. Godfrey Gaiya, a two term member of the House of Representative (Jaba/Zangon Kataf Federal constituency) under the PDP.

In the uncaught style of an e-rat while defending his master’s stake, Gaiya went overboard in an article he authored as THE BLIND AMBITION OF A MISGUIDED STOOGE on the 24th July 2022 and posted on social media platforms. In the write-up, Gaiya, who has positioned himself for a plum job should Ashiri win, made highly libelous allegations spiced with hate filled comments against the person of Hon. Jonathan Asake, such that even the lowliest of el-Rufai’s e-rat would be cautions not to make.

If Asake should seek legal redress in the way his person was malign and disparaged before the public, “injurious falsehood” and “cyberstalking” laws are already handy, but the Asake I know is not only liberal but magnanimous enough not to tow such path.

Most people who once viewed Hon. Gaiya as urbane and civilized are quick to note that they had rated him very wrongly when the interest of his god and master is threatened.

The thrust of Gaiya’s rage is that Asake is being sponsored by the Sani’s APC to divide the votes of Ashiru’s PDP in Southern Kaduna and give the demonic APC a winning edge. And this is the foundation stone for those who, for the love of Southern Kaduna or for their own personal expectations oppose the candidature of Asake on the Labour Ticket.

Now before we get into the argument, let’s get certain things right.

The basis for hope and confidence

The 2023 election will be very hard if not impossible to rig for the following reasons.

Bimodal Voter Accreditation System (BVAS) deployed by INEC has ensured the following:
∙ Only accredited voters can vote.
∙ No person can vote twice
∙ All results from every polling unit will be electronically transmitted to Server and the result monitored real time.
∙ Alteration of results will be impossible.
∙ Stealing of ballot papers is now useless.
∙ Compromising security and INEC officials to falsify results is now a nullity.

Now, armed with these facts, let’s try to make sense of the 2023 contest between the 4 hot contending candidates.

Bare facts without emotions and fear

There are three major gubernatorial candidates from the Northern part of Kaduna State: Hon Isa Ashiru of the PDP; Sen. Othman Hunkuyi of the NNPP and Sen. Uba Sani of the APC.
In Southern Kaduna, Sen. Caleb Zagi of the ADC and Rev. Andrew Duya of APGA are hitherto known to be gubernatorial candidates. But these gentlemen of Southern Kaduna extraction have never been considered as any threat to the APC and PDP that is why they have been treated as if they are not even in the race.

However, the coming of Jonathan Asake into the fray has finally stamped the presence of a Southern Kaduna indigene and a Christian into the battle for Kaduna state number 1 job.

Asake , whose voice was like the major opposition in Kaduna state under the tyrannical rule of the APC has all the moral, intellectual, governmental exposure, local and international connections, financial windows and millions of fans to win. His bold stand against the wicked, heartless and inhuman Pharaohic rule of Governir Nasir Elrufai, especially as it affects the southern kaduna people who voted him to stand for them, has also earned him respect, trust and followership from a broad spectrum of Kaduna state residents and Nigeria irrespective of tribe and religion. And trust seems to be the magic word for the LP.

Therefore, the LP must be very guided to keep religion out of the 2023 elections. But that will be very hard because the ruling APC has made Kaduna State look like a Muslim state when for the second time it fielded both its gubernatorial candidate and his running mates to be Muslims after Elrufai said that Christians make only about 30% of the population of Kaduna state. Again when no Christian in the PDP whether from northern or Southern part of the state came out to vie for the guber ticket of the PDP during its primaries, it becomes very hard to convince those who do not reside in Kaduna state not believe that Christians are less than 30% of Kaduna state. And that a Muslim-Muslim ticket is justified just as a Christian-Christian ticket in Plateau and Benue State are easy sails.

Asake’s entrance, pure divine intervention.

Today, Asake has come out to dispel that wrong notion. Without spending the billions of Naira that his APC and PDP counterparts may have spent to become guber candidates. it is the will of God that a good and even more competent man from Southern Kaduna has become the man to beat in 2023.
And in truth, Southern Kaduna can produce a governor if all that the BVAS of INEC has done in Ekiti and Osun is replicated in 2023. And this is not witchcraft:

Why Asake can have an easy win

Southern Kaduna (NOT Kaduna South Senatorial Zone with only 8 LGAs) already has 12 LGAs. Kajuru, Chickun, Lere and Kaduna South LGAs including the 8 LGAs that make up Southern Kaduna Senatorial Zone or ‘Zone C’ are what makes the socio-cultural geographical area called Southern Kaduna. These areas have always voted in one mass block since the 1950s, through the ’70s , ’90s till date.
If the Gaiyas of Southern Kaduna shake off their fears and greed and use the next six months to rally around Asake of the LP, there is no reason why Asake cannot secure 70% of the votes of the 12 LGAs of Southern Kaduna. Sabon Gari LGA and other LGAs in the northern parts of Kaduna state who share the same aspiration as Southern Kaduna can give 30% or more votes to Labour.

The running mate of Peter Obi, Sen. Yusuf Ahmed Dati is from Zaria LGA. He should also be able to pull 25% votes for Asake among the three other contending northern candidates.
Besides these, there is voting population of non-indigenes with an estimated voting power of 1 million votes sympathetic to Southern Kaduna. The Muslim population in Southern Kaduna cannot give 10% votes to the APC, the PDP and the NNPP.

The three gubernatorial candidates in the persons of Ashiru, Hunkuyi and Uba Sani, will have to fight to secure 50% of the rest of the LGAs in Kaduna Central and Northern Senatorial zones. If the three Muslims go into the contest, none of them can have a majority win over Asake. You can take this to the Bank.

Even when the three Muslims decided to step down for one of them, then it will become clear that Kaduna state is not a Muslim state. That Kaduna state is Christian-Muslim State. If not, why the gang up against a single Christian in a “structureless” Labour Party?
Pitiful relationship between PDP and Southern Kaduna.

The PDP in Southern Kaduna would have since collapsed had the APC wooed the area with equity, justice and respect. No doubt, Southern ‘prospered’ under the PDP, but the northern part did better, even when they always voted in opposition.

Today, the same Southern Kaduna that has a golden opportunity given by God to humble its oppressors are the ones rejecting that window as willing slaves. I really do not want to blame such negligible few negative elements because I know that defeatist mentality if properly addressed with information and education as the one captured on this article and the one contained in my previous piece on the subject matter, they will see the light and might want to have a rethink.

More worrisome is the yet to be verified news that because Ashiru was so kind and merciful at Southern Kaduna in picking Dr. John Ayuba, as his running mate, the Atyap elite have assured Ashiru of N500m cash donation from one its billionaire retired Air Force General and some N300m from a former big wig of the Nigeria owned oil company. This is just among other donations that Southern Kaduna rich men are committing to the Ashiru as appreciation to the deputy slot of Ashiru in 2023 under the annoying fact that it is the same votes of Southern Kaduna that will make Ashiru governor.

Who say dem no do us?

It should have been Ashiru and his band of perennial losers during general elections that should be allover Asake and elites of Southern Kaduna, kneeling and asking for a roundtable. But he is King and his people are Lords whipping the servile bums of our kins men to go and ensure they remove Asake who is threatening the crumbs they are offering them with the same votes of Southern Kaduna.
If this is not the sickliest mental slavery, I don’t know any.

Good News

The good news is that Asake is already enjoying a large army of supporters in Southern Kaduna, kaduna state, Nigeria and abroad. As the months go bye, more shall fall into the rave.
Let the whimpering of Ashiru’s e-rats not befog our collective dignity. We are people of, faith, honour and clarity of thought.

The fact that we have six clear months to elections, means that anyone who has refused to see the divine works of God in the entrance of Asake through the Labour Party, may remain chained to his servitude forever.

Let me conclude with these immutable quotes by Segun Awosanya aka @Segalink. My Twitter folks will know Sega very well, he said and I quote;

“Genuine Education/Enlightenment break the chains of mental slavery. Unless you are conditioned to being a Vassal with sworn loyalty to your oppressors, who psychologically blackmail you into giving them free passes for crimes against generations. Only you can emancipate yourself.”

This article seeks to do just that; enlightens and educate. Awosanya went further to say that “Mental Slavery remains the worst of all forms of Slavery, giving the inflicted the illusion of freedom. But a mind that knows, understands and values itself can not be enslaved. Many are locked up in gate-less cells & birds in Cages never sing…they weep. Mental slavery is the worst form of slavery…It gives you the illusion of freedom, makes you trust, love & defend your oppressor while making an enemy of those trying to free you or wake you up.”

May God almighty deliver us (Southern Kaduna) from every forms of mental slavery, may we cease to being in love with our chains.


Steven Kefas writes from Kenyi, Kaduna state, Nigeria.

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