The Only Panacea For Development, Good Governance Is Peace, President SPA

The Only Panacea For Development,  Good  Governance  Is Peace,  President  SPA
By Ben Auta 
For a state or nation to grow and develop,  peace is the most important element,  says the President  of Sisters  for Peace  Ambassadors  (SPA)  Evangelist  Alheri  Danlami. 
She made the statement after her she and other executive members of the association were inaugurated last weekend at Maraban Rido by a combine clergy men of both Islamic and Christian  religion. 
She said that the need for peaceful coexistence between adherents of both faiths in the area prompted women In the area to come together and form an organization that will be of benefit to them. 
Speaking earlier,  Rev  Danlami  Gajere,  has hinted that some of the major  visions of the organization is to bring out the peace quality in women that can transform the world when harnessed. 
He added that the organization which is non governmental  and non profit  is both open to women and girls. 
He said that some of the programs of the organization include monthly seminars, workshops  on health,  business,  family,  peace and religious tolerance. 
In a goodwill message,  the Chief Imam of Almanar  Mosque,  Sheik  Tukur  Adam,  said that he will support any initiatives anywhere where there is peace. 
Speaking  in English,  Hausa and Fulbe,  Sheik  Tukur said that any country without peace will continue to struggle despite its God given resources. 
He said that women world over also put  their families especially their children first as well as well as give them Godly training for them make impact on the community and society atlarge. 
Also,  the Secretary of the Jama’atul Nasril  Islam (JNI)  in Kaduna State Alh Ibrahim  Kufena,  said that despite the difference in the mode of worship by both Christians and muslims,  we all worship the same God,  hence the reason why we must work in tandem. 
Also,  the Secretary  of the CAN,  Rev Sunday Ibrahim said that it is a shame for Kaduna State  and the north entirely to engage In hostility over religion and ethnicity. 
He said that the Kaduna State  chapter of can will support  the organization so that they can succeed. 
Various speakers  spoke at the occasion which graced by both religious,  political and traditional leaders cut across the different faiths and ethnic groups. 

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