Hajj 2022: Christian Clergy Calls On Muslims Pilgrims To Pray For Peace

Hajj 2022: Northern Nigerian Christian Clergies called on Muslims pilgrims to intensify prayers for world peace at Saudi Arabia .

As thousands of Nigerian intending pilgrims commences departing to holy land for this year hajj operation.

Christian leaders from 19 northern states has commenced congratulating their Muslim counterparts for the successful airlift of thousands of Nigerian Muslim pilgrims ,,,

while emphasizing on the need for Muslims pilgrims to used the opportunity of been at holyland to pray extensively for God almighty to bring an end to the activities of banditry, kidnapping, terrorism bedevilling peace stability in the region.

“There is need to pray extensively for World peace and harmony”

“Russian and Ukraine war is a total setback to world peace hence the need to pray for God intervention “

Buru make the called when some Muslims organizations visited him at his residence on a friendly request with the aims of sthrenthening Christian and Muslims relationship in the country

He felicitated with all the Muslims that have already arrived the holy land to perform this year hajj and urged them to pray hard for the successful conduct of 2023 general election.

While appreciating the effort to the hajj commission for organising this year hajj, he pray for all the intending pilgrims a save return back to Nigeria.

Hajj is the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, which every adult Muslim must make at least once in his or her lifetime.

The hajj is the fifth of the fundamental Muslim practices.

The Christians Clergy also called on all the intending pilgrims to pray for Nigerian Army toward defeating Boko Haram and other terrorism network .

He encouraged them to be good ambassadors, exhibit good virtues in their conduct and preserve as well as promote the enviable image of the state and Nigeria, while in the Kingdom.

Similarly pastor George Moses congrats all Nigerian Muslims for the successful commencement of this year hajj operation

He wish all Muslims intending pilgrims successful hajj operation 2022.

Responding one of the Muslim leader that lead the visitation mallam Mohammed alhassan emphasized on the need to promote religions tolerance, forgiveness and better understanding among the adherence of the two religion

He said, we must joined hands together toward promoting peaceful coexistence between different faith base organization in the country

Mohammad added that, last year when Christian pilgrims are going to their holy land, he also wishes them save journey while appealing to them to pray for peace in Nigeria and the rest of African country

He said they came to the pastor house to appreciate him for assisting the less privileged during the Ramadan with food stuffs

Adding that they were there to felicitate with the Christian cleric for United Nations award for been declared as the best winner world international interfaith week and harmony 2022

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