Kaduna State Must To Move From Consumption To Production State, Says PRP Gubernatorial Candidate

Gubernatorial candidate of the people’s Redemption party , Hon. Hayatudeen Lawal Makarfi says Kaduna State needs to move from being a consumption state to a productive one for optimum socio-econmic development .

He stated this during a media parley put together by the Nigeria Union of Journalists Kaduna State council for Candidates vying for gubernatorial, senatorial and house of representatives offices in the state .

He noted that there are key areas that need to be revamped such as tourism , small scale industries and information communication technology, for sustainable economic development .

Hon. Hayatudeen Lawal said Dubai is one of the greatest economies of the world largely due to its robust tourism sector, which Kaduna must cue into to attract foreign investment and inturn upscale revenue generation .

He added that the famous Kaduna panteka market is an economic hub that needs to be harnessed for greater economic sustainability especially in the areas of transportation, investment and skills acquisitions .

He said if he emerges , his government will work closely with Religious institutions to forestall the broken peace in Kaduna and also champion the process of uniting residents irrespective of religious or cultural differences .

He called on the youth to embrace his movement as they represent the younger majority who are innovative, creative and have the best interest of the country at heart.

Highlight of the event is the unveiling of His three-point agenda which is social Justice, economic and Human Capital Development.

COV/Lilian Silas


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